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                January 15, 2019
                2019’s first class of sheriff recruits celebrate graduation
                Newly-graduated provincial sheriffs will be posted to the Lower Mainland, Cranbrook, Kelowna, Prince George and Terrace
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                January 14, 2019
                JIBC to present honorary degree to retired fire chief
                Don Jolley, whose career included service as paramedic and in emergency management, to be recognized at JIBC’s Winter Convocation
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                November 29, 2018
                JIBC Foundation Gala recognizes awards honourees
                Inspiring event raises over $115,000 for Justice Institute of British Columbia students and celebrates 40 years
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                November 9, 2018
                West Van Police chief appointed to JIBC Board of Governors
                Two members reappointed to second terms
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                September 27, 2018
                Faculty and staff excellence celebrated at JIBC
                Annual JIBC Awards of Excellence presented at New Westminster campus
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                September 24, 2018
                JIBC awarded $46K grant from Law Foundation of BC
                To fund research into new laws that expand scope of treatment for first responders experiencing work-related mental health injuries
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                September 21, 2018
                Sheriff recruits ready to serve in BC courthouses
                Second of three new training classes announced in April 2018 to increase number of sheriffs in BC courthouses
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                September 18, 2018
                JIBC adds new bachelor’s degree option in New Westminster
                On-campus offering of the Bachelor of Emergency & Security Management Studies program starts September 2019
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                May 23, 2018
                1978-2018: JIBC celebrates 40 years of helping to keep communities safe
                Open house and career fair event highlights public safety education and training
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                JIBC Maple Ridge Campus (13500 256th Street Maple Ridge, BC V4R 1C9)
                February 16, 2019
                9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
                715 McBride Boulevard, New Westminster, BC
                March 6, 2019
                10 AM- 2 PM

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